rachel kay



Rachel Kay Art profile pictureLondon-based portrait artist Rachel Kay paints in a style which is distinctively her own, bringing a surprising, life-like quality to semi-abstract work. Seeing beyond the obvious, her choice of colour questions the one-dimensional nature of how we view skin tones.

Using acrylic, she works mainly from photographs to capture the fleeting expressions which are the essence of a person’s character. She is fascinated by the energy contained in shadows, and inspired by the internal beauty that people possess.

“Painting portraits is like dancing together – its a way of connecting with someone and getting to know them better. There’s a point in the process when the person’s soul springs to life on the canvas, and it really feels as though they’re in the room with me.

Whenever a portrait leaves my home studio, I thank them for visiting and say how lovely it was to have them here. I’m sorry to see them go!